Millionaire Genie Jackpot Slot

Recently, such thing as online gaming machines or slots has become very popular. It is first of all connected with the convenience of such games. You have no need to go somewhere to play it. You can just sit in the chair and relax. The only thing you need to have is computer with internet connection.

Bonus slot machines: This type of slot machine gives its customers a unique opportunity to win free spins, multipliers for their payments and even money. The main goal of bonus games - to increase your chances of winning or multiply already received winnings. That is why they are so popular around the world. If we talk directly about the bonus rounds, they can be divided into 2 types - playing on the reels and on the additional screen of the machine. Bonus rounds on the reels: The name speaks for itself, so the technical description of the game we will omit. What do you need to start playing? Typically, these rounds are activated by combination of three or more special characters that are programmed for each individual machine. These games can be divided into the following subtypes:

-Free Spins (thanks to a combination of special characters the player gets the opportunity to make a few free spins, during which also, as in the main game, he can win money);

-Cascades (represent the replacement of any of the missing in the winning combination of symbols by a special (wild) character);

-Hold N 'Spin (allows you to record some drums, rotating the others, thus collecting a winning combination.)

-Scatters or scatter symbol (These are special characters that bring the gain by appearing at any position on the drums)

Bonus rounds on the second screen of the machine:

This is a sort of separate mini-games that are played on the second screen of the machine. They can also be divided into subtypes:

-Wheel Of Fortune (Bonus, in which the player is offered to turn the reel. The position at which it stops will guarantee you a particular prize);

-Select the box (the most common bonus in which you need to select from several elements from the proposed by machine and get some prize);

-Pick Until Pop (round, where you can also select items, but it will happen not for a number of times, but until on the screen will appear the icon Pop, which will return you to the main game).

How to play

In addition to that bonus slot machines are incredibly profitable and generate lots of positive emotions, it is also very easy to play. As mentioned above, you simply need to collect a certain combination, and the bonus is already activated! Before you will be an additional screen or the game will continue with the usual drums, but with nice additions and incentives. It's really quite easy and fun. And besides, bonus machines can allow you to earn extra money. Of course, you should not forget that it is not a real life. You can relax, have fun but it is just a game. So, good luck to you!